Monday, September 04, 2017

Hello World

It is so refreshing to revisit your blog, your published and unpublished words

I think I have said this before - but it's like visiting your long lost friend. You have a broad smile pasted on your face that you can't quite explain


Have I changed ? Am I the same impulsive, insensitive, unthinking, judgemental moron that I used to be?

Pretty much yeah.

I have managed to acquire few more wonderful traits.

There were times when the question 'what do you really want with your life?' would really hook me up.

It somehow doesn't happen anymore. I don't think I agree that this is a sign of maturity. How can lack of drive be a good thing? Or perhaps maturity was over rated all along anyway.

Its like becoming numb. Few more years and I will start worshipping this.

Wtf, this doesn't even stir me anymore.

My work aside (which is going nowhere btw - being stuck in middle management and all), I do want to take up writing more seriously. Like serious seriously.

There are still signs of life left I think. I should start sowing season before it's gets late, way too late.