Sunday, December 23, 2012

It works, of course

Just downloaded this app and it obviously works. One can blog from phone.

Now that I am at this, let me write about something that's very important:

I go through bunch of thoughts while thinking of saying something important, pertinent, real and all that. End result is usually nothingness, which is part of the reason why I have more drafts than posts.

I am foolish of course, but (partial) anonymity helps ease confessions.

I think I refuse to accept conclusions no matter how legitimate they sound. I think refusal of acceptance has more to do with refusal rather than legitimacy. There are some wheels in my head that need to keep whirring and all this jumping is a by product of that movement.

It's like explaining why you like to chew when the real reason of chewing is your jaws being tied to a piston of an engine.

I am hypothesising of course for I don't see a piston. Also, this a thought I will forget by next post.