Sunday, September 09, 2012


I was describing my idea of a good life today and I stumbled on this thought that refuses to get out of my head.

Not that this is something novel, even for me, but I have some time between Activity A and Activity B and I'd rather post and make its use.

If idea of happiness is tied to sense of accomplishing something, it is never going to be an easy ride. There'll always be something to do before you unleash happiness chemicals in your head. This is a paradox though, for if you were able to completely decouple the two, achievements and happiness, you'll end up in vegetative state. I suppose the lower limit would be - where you'd need to chew to eat ... and other miscellaneous stuff.

 I should still make a start. Better later than never.

Look how I added another to my to-do list, this thing is never gonna get over.