Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

Here we go again.

Today we stop, mechanically, and wonder aloud, about the times gone and the times ahead.

Not that the backdrop of this being non-natural stops the amazement. Its always fresh and new. It just adds a little more color to imagination, perhaps grey.

There is silence, focus and bewilderment.

There is multitude of whats, what ifs, what wases and what nexts. There are some in my head, pretending to be sane. I look at them, some of them, tired and amused.

I tell myself, this is better than running in the maze. Atleast the rat slows down somewhat, if not stops. May be gets to look at the walls. Or may be this all is really part of the same game? Rat shudders and starts running again - faster.

Its New Year again.