Thursday, September 03, 2009


One can use frequency of blog updates as a measure for whether a blog is dead. Based on the last post I would recommend that to be a year. This number is of course subject to updates :)

So what has changed ?

Apart from getting married(for more than a year now; yes it worked!) and switching my job (For past close to two weeks now I am working for Koreans. I am hoping they turn out to be better than Europeans, with crossed fingers and legs), nothing much.

I am wondering (with a bit of more seriousness) about the direction of my career. It has taken some time for this to sink in, or may be its the Recession, but it isn't going much places.

So you see, an Engineer (in India at least) takes the road of 'doing something' and then managing other Engineers who are 'doing something'. Occasionally, this involves setting the Engineering direction of the project(s), subject to business constraints. Add to this the usual hustle of political nature at any functional level. This model doesn't seem to be much different from any other industry I suppose.

Now, somehow this doesn't sound too exciting. Apart for elevated monetary benefits (and a pseudo sense of control) the end doesn't seem to be offering much. Not that I am not interested in the green thing, I somehow feel that this is too simple to be the correct approach. It is perhaps sadism on my part or plain extrapolation of effects of recession that I am seeing lately (middle-level management was hurt the hardest).

Or may be it is just that I am bored of working with technology (errmm, was it ever very exciting?) and would like to do something more 'real'. Or am I too old a monkey now to learn entirely new set of tricks? And is that going to help?

Green sounds like a decent end goal, especially if see myself 20 years from now, crippled with arthritis, diabetes, skin ailments, BP and all of those horrible things.

Oh well, I am still thinking. Some things don't change for sure.


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