Saturday, September 05, 2009

On India

Posted this somewhere on solution to India's political problems. Naive optimism this is, and perhaps far too simplistic in approach, but still. Here goes:

These are the thoughts that cross my mind:

- A complicated system like governance can only be made better by fixing one thing at a time. (excluding intricate dependencies)

- A ‘good’ democratic system is not possible without people being ‘good’. This is assuming that electoral system isn’t as rigged as everything else.

- Deeper implications of choices a voter makes(including not voting) need to sink in.

- One possible solution is to set an example in one constituency (and publicising it sufficiently) and building up on it aggressively. The ‘building aggressively’ on it part needs a non-trivial planning and like-minded individuals.

- Once there, one needs to avoid temptation of turning into a messiah. Alternatives (hopefully better than you) should exist and voter should be encouraged to make a fair choice.

Roughly speaking this is the path things should chart out.

What remains though is, who will bell the cat ?

would you? would I?


At 2:04 PM, Blogger NN said...

You're saying that a good democracy is made by good people.

Aristotle said, in order to be truly good, one must have knowledge, ie know what is right what is wrong.

Ted Kennedy said Information is the currency of democracy.

Who's taking the information to the people?

At 8:22 AM, Blogger TP said...

Information and education on making fair choices based on that is what is needed, so these gentlemen were probably right :)

Who's taking information to the people?

It is natural for any system to try and sustain itself. To that end, it needs to misrepresent/veil facts and/or brainwash. While there would be forces working against any entity trying to do this, I am hoping that things are not bad to the extent that they cannot be fixed. I am hoping that 'system' I am referring to isn't a coherent machine bent on making everyone's life hell.

Not that I am planning to plant a bell, but giving up hasn't helped and will probably not.


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