Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Front line

I can almost imagine perplexity of front line infantry. In fact, that isn't even a correct word to describe the thoughts.

It is raining. It is pitch dark. You can hear shots in a distance. You can hear tankers growling in your direction. You can almost see your end. You are cold. You are sweaty. You are a looking for a scapegoat to rid discomfort; but one is hard to find.

You know you are next. You know it is inevitable. You find it difficult to echo jingoism of the ones besides. You look at others with worried eyes. You force a smile, and ridicule the thought the next second.

You cannot run. You cannot hide. You have to face it, and it is here, if not now then in some time. You grapple for a fix. You device strategies, in vain. You tell yourself about hope. You tell yourself about past. You imagine the future.

You fool yourself yet again.

You look at the present, hard. You breathe deep. It's about time.