Saturday, May 10, 2008


(Posted this on a community that talked about things beyond words)

.. and I have invested far too much time pursuing what is beyond. May be Love/God/something-beautiful exists beyond mundane existence. May be one has to find these things in the mundane existence.


Somehow, I am unsure about this pursuit of mine. I dont think I completely appreciate anything that needs to be 'found' or 'pursued' or 'realized'. All of these words sound enervating and energy sapping.

I understand one needs a conception of future and sense of pursuit for sustaining life but if its eating away the present, I wont be too comfortable with it.

I have liked to vote for a balance, but my conclusions have been based on the premise that I like to sustain my life, happily and that we need both of these(pursuit and lack of it) to be 'right'. Right is a loaded word with many connotations but I just couldnt think of another word.

I dont claim being correct, of course. However, I have convinced myself that it hasnt been a bad idea. Again, I am not dead yet and my eyes are still open. I cannot ignore what goes around and I cannot help changing if I continue to watch.


Hmm ... doesnt make sense as usual. But thoughts worth preserving.