Friday, October 19, 2007

Psuedo-random update

I was hibernating really, may be dead or may be I still am or may be I never was alive. urmmphh .. NO.

Ok, so what rouseth me from my slumber is a tag. Here goes, 8 random things about me:

1. The name of this blog is psuedo-random noise. All it means is that the correlation dies with increasing amount of sample-gap as long as your analysis window is small enough not to capture repetetive pattern, in which case you see a patterened correlation envelope. Yeah right.

2. There is no zigobod in dictionary. It is prononuced Z-Eye-Go-Baud. I think, I can make it mean something really. Eyes Bauding.

3. I am color blind. Actually. Red-green. No, I am not going to answer what that color is! Its a palette thing. Look it up.

4. I once drove more than 500 kms over a period of 24 hours, slept for 2 hours did not doze off the next day or the next night till 6 in the morning(when I got all talli). (Ahem, its a bike)

5. I have made plans for genocide. Here goes the plan, we launch a sattelite that would would emit some kind of brain waves. All the brains that'd resonate with it would explode. Zero loss to property. Clean. (I fear the first one would be mine)

6. I have been living a peaceful life (well, almost) since last month, since I moved to staying alone. Contrary to what I feared, I am catching up with the mirage of getting organized.

7. Seriously, I am boring. I have realized this on occasions more than once. many more than once. I've tried to fix it, but no use. Now, I live with it.

8. I have theories as to why alcohol is bad. It screws your peace the day after hangover. No body agrees with it yet.

No tags. Buck stops here, atleast for this branch.

My cave calls me back and I have to go. Peace.