Monday, March 12, 2007


Advantages of wearing a helmet, at home.

It is actually not just about helmet. Its about the back pack you decide not to take off and the keys in your hands that you decide not to drop.

- You can avoid arguments by clamining
+ you've gone crazy and hence cannot argue.
+ Utter something vague - like my helmet doesnt like the question
+ Its unsafe to talk or listen while driving

- It is a pure expression of iconoclasm. You tend to feel more strength to fight against the shit thrown around. Its like your own small boat in a really rough sea.

- With visor on, you dont have to shed a tear while cutting onions

- If you are eating you cant watch TV. Focus. There.

- Eating and drinking are far more fun and creative activities.

- You can safely sleep in living room. The stupid noise around gets attenuated, Also, you can blind yourself to TV.

- Not to mention, the safety. Agreed you tend to bump into things more often, but you have helmet on and there is no way you are getting hurt seriously.

- Thoughts are totally directed and focussed. Meditation.

- You tend to be far more creative in other endeavours of life, for ex, typing , with one hand still holding the bunch of keys or making use of your back pack like a pillow. This makes living far more fullfilling.

- With limited visibility and weight on your head, peace descends on your soul. You feel sleepy at the right time. Also, there is a sense of accomplishment of having done something real.