Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Khaali samay ...

skype with a colleague :)

AV: I've to give 173.33333333333 rs right ?
TP: ahh ..
TP: ok
TP: so it is ..
TP: 2019/3 - 500
TP: :)
AV: yes
TP: to be exact ..
TP: i'd be fine if you round it to ..
TP: 500
TP: :)
AV: what abt 100 ?
AV: floor
TP: mmm .. well ..
TP: lets settle for 150 ..
AV: ah 500 to 150 ; u would put the Marwaris of indore to shame
TP: :D
TP: deal ?
AV: I'd like to be mathemetically exact ; am subdividing paise to get there
TP: consider breaking the coins ..
TP: use some mathematical formula for that ..
AV: I'd pay u X today and X/n tomorrow - and X/sqr(n) day after
AV: it'll add to 173.333333..... as time tends to infinity
TP: yep right ..
TP: it'd be fun ...
AV: On 2nd thoughts - kemp fort guys knew there were 3 of us to divide - so they made things easier its (1999+20)/3 - 500 which comes exactly to 173 - I just looked into the bill - so chill
TP: wow ... now i know how they get chics to work there ..
TP: smart fellas
AV: yes - and we need to treat the 3rd party in the deal to a rasna too - when he pays up - u can use that as an incentive to get the money :)
AV: and to hire a woman to serve him rasna too
TP: aw ... that'd be a bit expensive ..
TP: may be we'll do some cross dressing ourselves ..
AV: as u remember except for beer gals (which is banned) and Jessica Lall (who's dead) women donot serve in our our country
TP: yeah .. thats sad ..
TP: we'll tell him that it was a guy who served us ...
AV: ok - a guy like the one wo ran and won us silver in asiad (if u beleive the 'authorities')


I still claim .. we _are_ busy people

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Just because it doesnt to you, doesnt mean it doesnt. The world does make sense. And it needs to be figured out. Fast.

In need of a theory.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Why ..

.. do you keep searching ?
.. do you want to be understood ?
.. do you want to understand ?
.. do you want to identify ?
.. do you keep looking for answers ?
.. do you expect to find the end ?
.. isnt this the end ..?
.. a why ?

Is there no end ? or am i just procrastinating ...

You .. fool yourself again .. find a purpose .. get busy .. get a life .. and when you are blinded enough .. when this is a distant history .. something that was .. at this, you'll laugh louder than ever .. a confident, understanding, healthy, aloof laugh. And this has a name, life.