Monday, November 27, 2006


Down. Out. Alive.


How I wish I could hate you, for you deserve not even that.


Friday, November 10, 2006


Code--Compile--damn! this instruction is not supported--Code--Compile--Execute--It ran in the first go!, something is seriously wrong--Ah.. this--Execute--Failures--debug-what the crap, how could I miss that--debug--sheeeks..I missed this too--debug--who the heck is modifying this register--debug--debug--debug--ooohh.. that is fundamentally fundamental--Recode--Recompile--Execute--debug--debug--debug--what the heck--debug--debug--debug--debug--debug--Coffee--bakar--debug--debug--which laptop do you suggest--debug--debug--debug--debug--Blog about this--debug--debug...

Still debugging.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Whats there to deny ?

I am not going to write about it. Mostly because it is not really happening. Its not even an illusion I have. No. Not at all. There IS no it. I am not sad or depressed or anything like that. These are things of past. History. Dead. It doesnt really exist actually.

I am just a bit tired. Tired of the routine, coding, bugs .. thats it. No deep and profound heartaches. We've argued about it, isnt it? There are no such things as those. I am just gonna go and crash ... and wont think. Anyway, what is there to not to think about. Nothing is.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More fundas

.. For reasons I dont claim to completely comprehend, I am right. In fact I am as much right a human can be, even more. You can argue with me, give me some reasons which might look correct to the rest of the world. But, there is something deeply sinister in your arguments, which you might or might not realize. I can, if I want, find some counter-arguments, some anti-thesis, but it just is'nt worth the effort. Coz, we know that I am right anyway, is'nt it. Why spend eternity on arguments.

Ok, so you think that I am saying something which is contrary to what I said not so long ago(May be month/hour/minute/seconds) ? I know you think so, it happens with people who are incorrect most of the times. Actually, I might have never said what you thought I said or may be I am not saying what I am saying, whatever. May be its your brain playing games with you, may be it is something else, whatever it is, I am right. And, here is the fun part, you think you'll be right if you were to agree with me ? You think so, right ? No freakin way.

I am right. Period.