Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MPD unleashed

Just to record the fact that this person has changed again. This time into an enthused, happier, meaner and insensitive individual. Contradictory ? too bad.
He was going to write something poetic about this transition. But now, he is just too busy with hundreds of things running through his head, things to be sorted out, path to be paved etc etc.

Peace? naah .. illusion ..

Keep rockin .


Monday, October 23, 2006


Whats more depressing ?

World is going to hell .. or ..

its just you ?

Saturday, October 21, 2006


The second best to acquiring knowledge is to assume that you already have it. This saves you the heartache from feeling stupid, when you dont really need to and might make you actually work towards it just to avoid the embarassment. You are never going to open the to-do.txt anyway.

On second thoughts .. thats the way possibly .. it has always worked ..


PS:32 hours of journey complete with Indian sense of hospitability makes one act stranger than usual.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Problem is not with changing too often or too much, its the effort to keep pace with oneself that strains the last fibre inside.

Wish, let go, if there is such a thing, was easier ..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Arz kiya hai ..

screwed up meter .. skewed rhyme .. astray thoughts .. but what else is this space for ...

.. here goes ..

ik Woh hai, jo Jeeta hai, Jalta hai, bas ik roz,
ik Hum hain, Jo Sulagte hain, Marte hain har ik roz

ik Woh hai, jo So Jaata hai, Khamoshi main bas ik roz,
ik Hum hain, jo Jaage hain, har ik raat har ik roz

ik Woh hai, jo Gum ho Jaata hai, Tanhai main bas ik roz,
ik hum hain, jo khote hain, khud ko hi har ik roz

Kehte hain fanaah kar deti hai anjaam-e-muhabbat
muhabbat-e-anjaam, layegi, Yahi, Is aur, kisi roz

dekhegi dastaan yeh bhi anjaam kisi roz,
dostana hogi tanahi, humse bhi kisi roz,
Dhoondhe hain Qayamat ki woh ik rah woh ik roz,
Jeete hain, Marte hain, ab Khaatir Usi ik roz

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It does work !

.. So that orkut crush thing actually works ...

"Take a deep breath and ponder this...

orkut has unmasked a shared affection
And shown twinned wounds from Cupid's darts.
But while we aid in love's detection,
Its future path lies twixt your hearts."

twinned wounds from Cupid's darts ? .. Ahem ..

Ok, it was an experiment, NOthings cooking. Even if something were, I trust my cooking capabilities too well to expect anything palatable :|