Monday, September 25, 2006

Reset ..

yup .. thats what I need .. a system wide .. DODAL .. reset ... and if that dont work ... may be a scrubber .. for this brain ..

.. argghhh ..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just for a change ..

Hmm .. doesnt look as gloomy as the old one. On the downside I need to add the blogger-links again.

Shall fix that soon ..

Sunday, September 10, 2006


A random update and a cobweb cleaning exercise -

SO, I am actually going to enjoy one of those long weekends in the usual sense of the word. A tentative plan for a trip to Jog falls with few enthusiasts -

Friday 29th Evening 3:00 from office

Blr -> Tumkur 66Km

Tumkur -> Tiptur 62Km

Tiptur -> Birur 82Km

Birur -> Shimoga 61Km

Night Halt at Shimoga

Saturday 30th morning 7:30AM from Shimoga

Shimoga -> Jog 80Km

Jog -> Kollur 60Km

Kollur -> Augumbe 60Km

Agumbe -> Sringeri 26Km

Night Halt Sringeri

Sunday 1st Oct morning 11:AM from Sringeri

Sringeri -> Chikamagalur 90Km

Chikamagalur -> Bangalore 260Km

Ahem .. ~800 kms in 3 days. I've decided to call this exciting. Shall post some snaps if I do survive this.