Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You know what ...

Yes, I can see that. I can see that you are looking at me. I can almost feel that glare on my shoulders. That smirk. That careless flick of your locks in my direction. That oh-so-typical tilt of your head.

What is it ?? Can we get done with this game please !
Speak it out for heavens' sake !


Ahh .. Hypocricy.

You know what .. you can fool others by that. They .. they know Nothing, nothing with a capital N. What do they know after all ? Some scientific terms crammed into those nut-sized brains ! Some definitions they endlessly argue about. They are smart with that ... too smart, thats why you could get away with it so far. Not anymore. Not with me. It dont work with me dude .. dont at all.

What after all the worlds' got to say about you. Just another object lying in an insginificant corner of a room. A room with a slightly higher level of entropy.
I know. I know you are not as inanimate as you pretend to be. It is not by chance that this has happened, you made me carry you to the the room by those brain-controlling-waves of yours. And it is not by chance that you are sitting right there looking at me, looking right at me in that _alooof_ manner of yours. I know. It isnt that humanly, or bagly for that matter, effort of yours. It is a well planned execution to insult me.

OK, I know I am supposed to keeping things tidy, get organized, get things done ..BLAH BLAH BLAH. Havent I had enough of that crap already? Why you have to keep reminding that to me? Why you have to bring up things like this time and again ??

You know what .. I am too old for these tricks of yours. I am not a cloth and wire thing like you to get mended. You'll need to be sitting right there atleast for a century and a half to get things done from me. And you know what ... I doubt if it'd work even then.

Huh ..

PS: No its not cocaine, though I cant be sure.

Monday, June 26, 2006

What if ?

What if .. it was a lie .. not a misguided, misinterpreted, plain dumb conclusion but a premeditated barefaced lie ! What if it was never meant to be this way ? What if , what if it never has happened ?? It scares me to death to think of it !

But , what if ... what is far more worse and probably true ... what if ... it was actually true !!

Phew ...


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back !

Back to the world of blogging. Why ? Why did I disappear at all ?

I guess somethings are best left unanswered. There should be something left unexplored.

Is this a suicide ? Possibly, but lets add this to not-to-question list :)

So, here I am to vent out what lies beneath (but not the thing underneath). This possibly irks the expressive bloggers here, but I am ready to take burden of the sin and still hope to happily blog for some time to come.

Shall see you again :)

Yours lovingly,